In recognition of the significance of Bream Head, the Bream Head Conservation Trust was formed in 2002 to work in partnership with the local and wider Whangarei communities, the Whangarei District and Regional Councils, iwi, and the Department of Conservation to manage the ecological restoration of the Bream Head Scenic Reserve.

Its vision is to restore Bream Head to a place in which natural ecology has been returned to healthy forest and abundant bird song, and where visitors can experience nature at its best.


  • Greg Innes (Chair)
  • Robin Lieffering (Deputy Chair)
  • Bill Mallett (Treasurer)
  • Kim Tito (Iwi Representative)
  • Rod Gates
  • Geoff Pike
  • John Gardiner
  • Ben Barr
  • Don Hewitt
  • Mayor Sheryl Mai

Department of Conservation Liaison

  • Lynnie Gibson

Restoration Committee

  • Geoff Pike – Co Chair
  • Wendy Holland – Co Chair & Treasurer
  • Tony Climie
  • Adam Willetts
  • Evan Davies

Education Committee

  • Robin Lieffering
  • Claire Pearson
  • Susan Halliwell
  • Shirley Peterson

Communication Committee

  • Claire Pearson
  • Sally Prince
  • Mick Buckley
  • Corinne Scott
  • Adam Willetts

Rangers Committee

  • Greg Innes
  • Geoff Pike
  • John Gardiner


  • Annie Everson-Dawn

Friends Secretary

  • Corinne Scott


  • Adam Willetts
  • Evan Davies
  • Bruce Cole-Baker