Busby Trappers

On the second Sunday of each month at 9.00am in the Urquhart Bay car park, volunteers meet to continue restoration work at the Bream Head Scenic Reserve by aiming to control animal pests to low levels in the area around Busby Head.

Busby Head is within easy reach of most fitness levels.

The first base-line monitoring indicated 87% RTI, which means that out of 100 tracking tunnels set during a 24-hour period, 87 of those tunnels will have had a rat run through them. 

The Busby Trappers hope that by setting up a scientifically credible trapping and poisoning regime, established and run by volunteers but with professional guidance, it will demonstrate that groups and individuals can make a difference to the ecology of the place in which they live.

 For further information please contact Alan Willis alanrona@slingshot.co.nz